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Tony Schumacher

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Tony Schumacher is an author, with two thrillers published in the USA by HarperCollins (“Schumacher’s assured and atmospheric writing make this a memorable novel...” Wall Street Journal), with a third due for release August 2017. He has also written for The Guardian, the Huffington Post, and various magazines on a wide range of topics.
He is also a broadcaster, and can be regularly heard discussing current affairs, and social and cultural issues as a guest on BBC Radios Kent, Lancashire, and Leeds, and also for LBC Radio. He has devised and presented several films for the BBC’s Politics Show NW, and he has also acted on stage and screen.
Prior to writing Tony worked as a stand-up comedian, a policeman, roofer, barman, bouncer, salesman, warehouseman, and sold underwear in the Caribbean. He did so badly in school, one of his teachers bought him a beer on the day he left and said: “no hard feelings” as he handed it over.
It is a miracle he has made it this far.


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