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Daniel Cook Details

Loud Bit, Quiet Bit, Loud Bit, Quiet Bit Underbelly Bristo Square

3rd August - 29th August Get Tickets

Rachel Fairburn Details

Can I Be Awful? Monkey Barrel

3rd August - 28th August Get Tickets

Josh Pugh Details

Sausage, Egg, Josh Pugh Chips & Beans Monkey Barrel

3rd August - 28th August Get Tickets

Nina Conti Details

The Dating Show The Grand - Pleasance Courtyard

3rd August - 28th August Get Tickets

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**** Stars for Horseplay!

15th August 2022

4.5 Stars for Dan Cook!

14th August 2022

***** Star Review for Maisie Adam's Buzzed!

9th August 2022

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“I loved it. Horseplay is a scattergun cult comedy packed with surreal humour and the occasional belly laugh.” ⭐️… https://t.co/8zHd2uGoUu 15th August

"He’s the kind of act who creates ambient rolling laughter" 4.5 Stars for Dan Cook from Chortle!😍 Get tickets to… https://t.co/dV8x300O5i 15th August

Have a watch of Kiri Pritchard-McLean on ! Get tickets to Kiri's Edinburgh Show:… https://t.co/eaLYjfMc78 15th August

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