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Christopher is a trained dancer and performer. Last year during lockdown 3.0 Christopher took to Instagram and Tik Tok and started releasing series of sketches; 6 months later he has built up an impressive following and a series of characters that have been cheering up the nation. You can also catch Chris in the pilot episode of Vandullz on BBC iPlayer.

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Unguilty Pleasure

Unguilty Pleasure, a podcast where I, Chris Hall, explore any and every method for feeling good, spreading joy, elevating your mood, finding answers and loving yourself. In this series I am going to talk to guests about whatever it is they do to feel good, from their spiritual practise to their favourite midnight snack, I want to unapologetically indulge in the good, and learn and explore new and varied ways to find peace within. There’s going to be some lessons, a lot of laughs, maybe some tears, but most importantly good vibes, without the guilt. 



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