Shaun Keaveny's Live and Languorous Charity Christmas Special

26th November 2015

PEOPLE OF BRITAIN! (Who can get to Islington.) 

Yuletide is nothing but a bloated corporate kick in the teeth... Well no longer!
Forever more Christmas will be associated with the best time you have ever had in your life. Better than your wedding day/child's birth/loss of virginity.
For on the 14th December, the year of our Lord 2015, great comics and musicians shall come together to entertain you, like the wise men (sexist) gathered around the crib of the baby Jesus...
An evening of the best names in stand-up comedy, affordable beer, laughs and music from two amateur musicians and Mark King of Level 42, all hosted by BBC 6 Music’s Shaun Keaveny.
Be there, or be at home watching Strictly. (Actually that sounds nice, but you can always watch that on iPlayer after.)

All proceeds from this gig will go to Crisis, Great Ormond Street and Save the Children

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Shaun Keaveny