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The Guardian's recommended Edinburgh Double Acts: Cloak & Dagger Club

17th August 2017

The Guardian feature 'Great British Mysteries?' - made up of PBJers Will Close and Rose Robinson's sketch duo 'Cloak & Dagger Club' - in their article of the best Double Acts to watch up in Edinburgh this year. 

"Veteran fringe-goers will get a distinct Garth Marenghi vibe from Great British Mysteries?, a mockumentary in which two paranormal investigators “shine the truth-torch into the unknown”. As with Giants, it might be more effective if played with a straighter bat. But this two-hander from Will Close and Rose Robinson (AKA The Cloak & Dagger Club) is likably silly, as boffinish Olive Bacon and smug-but-dim Teddy hunt down the Loch Ness monster. Gormless credulity is celebrated, pompous commentary is sent up, and the choice one-liners (“As dawn cracked like a vicar’s smile in Victoria’s Secret … ”) keep coming."

You can catch their show on at the Pleasance Courtyard at 3:30pm daily.

Tickets here

Read the full article from The Guardian here :

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