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Rave reviews for Simon Blackwell's 'Back'

7th September 2017

Simon Blackwell's new TV series, 'Back', starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb, has debuted on Channel 4 and has received some fantastic reviews:

"It is glorious, artful, beautifully timed, The Thick Of It filth. Thank you, Simon Blackwell."  Sam Wollaston - The Guardian

"Written by Simon Blackwell of The Thick of It and Peep Show pedigree, starring the latter’s double act of David Mitchell and Robert Webb. It didn’t disappoint." Michael Hogan - The Telegraph

"Back (C4), created by Simon Blackwell, is not so much a descendant of the nerd/loafer odd-couple combo as its twisted, distant cousin." - Matt Baylis - The Express

"The script is written by Simon Blackwell and is a thing of great beauty." - Alice Jones - i News

You can watch it now on the Channel 4 website