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PBJ acts to take over the VAULT Festival in February and March

The 2020 VAULT Festival will play host to a collection of some of PBJ management's best live talent in early 2020. During this time, the wide variety of our client base will be on display, with fans of all types of comedy sure to enjoy.

Below is a list of all the PBJ talent that will appear:

George Fouracres - 'Gentlemon': 1st-2nd February -

Sean McLoughlin - Work in progress: 4th-9th February -

Dan Cook - 'Loud Bit, Quiet Bit, Loud Bit, Quiet Bit': 6th February -

John-Luke Roberts - 'Terrible Wonderful Adaptations': 7th-8th February -

Jamie D'Souza - 'Unintelligible Bachelor': 13th February -

Rob Oldham - 'Worm's Resolve': 18th-20th February -

Holly Burn - 'Jane Pasty : The Apology Tour': 29th February-1st March -

Maria Shehata - 'Hero': 3rd-6th March -

Isma Almas - 'About a Buoy – Adventures in Adoption': 4th-6th March -

Graham Dickson & Freya Slipper - Works in progress: 6th-7th March -

Crybabies - 'Danger Brigade': 10th-12th March -

EGG: 12th-13th March -

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