Dont miss Greg and Will tonight on BBC Radio 4, 11pm

5th January 2012|Greg McHugh

Comedy performers William Andrews and Greg McHugh explore the surreal and the absurd through characters and everyday situations in their first sketch show for BBC Radio 4. Along with live sketches recorded in front of an appreciative Glasgow audience, the show also features studio based sketches with Will & Greg as "themselves" exploring a particular scenario and utilizing their hilarious relationship with each other and their trademark skew-whiff logic. The studio based sketches allows them to play with sound and atmosphere of the radio sketch form and blend them with the live audience material.Together with brand new regulars and one-off sketches, the series explores the bizarrely familiar, the recognisably odd and the upbeat offbeat way of life that only exists when the planet is touched by Will and Greg.Stars William Andrews and Greg McHugh with Gavin Mitchell and Kirsten Mclean.The show airs for the first time tonight on BBC Radio 4 at 11.00pm. A further 2 episodes will be aired on the 12th and 19th January at the same time.