Henry Paker & Mike Wozniak's The Golden Lizard - one to watch in the Guardian Guide

3rd February 2011|Eddie Izzard|Mike Wozniak

One unexpected highlight of last year's Edinburgh fringe was a gloriously inventive, unremittingly silly sketch show called The Golden Lizard, performed by upcoming comedians Mike Wozniak and Henry Paker. Both are accomplished and innovative stand-ups in their own right: Wozniak specialises in bizarre theorising and far-fetched storytelling, while Paker offers a sort of highbrow whimsy, like Eddie Izzard but with something of the Open University prof. Fans of the science-based approach to comedy espoused by Robin Ince will find plenty to enjoy, as will anyone who likes the unexpected. You won't find Paker dealing in cheesy audience banter. He's more likely to micro-analyse everyday phrases or weave a first-class routine out of new approaches to mathematics. If you fancy trying to keep up with him, you'll find it an enjoyable trip.[http://www.guardian.co.uk/stage/2011/jan/08/this-weeks-new-comedy]