Lenny Henry - A Work In Progress

22nd May 2012|Lenny Henry

Lenny Henry is updating and rebooting CRADLE TO RAVE, a show about not only his passion but also his occasional regret for not pursuing a career in his beloved music.Henry is an avowed music fan, from funk to pop, R’n’B to Reggae, Reggae to Blues and back – his IPod weighs a ton-his vinyl collection could, if melted down, make an exact replica of Barry White. In this show Lenny entertainingly re-tells his life story but this time through music. Len tries to figure out what kind of music his father liked – difficult to tell because his dad hardly ever spoke to him and, when he came home from work, sat behind the Daily Mirror till he went to bed.There are stories about teen disco love, clubbing in London and even an interlude about the musical compromises one must make in a long term relationship (here’s a clue – it’s spelt S.A.D.E.). A ton of jokes about music, fandom and also: Len plays the piano! Come and watch a grown man sweat buckets over Fur Elise…Fri 25 May 1:00pm [http://sohotheatre.com/whats-on/lenny-henry-a-work-in-progress/]