Lenny Henry in Cradle to Rave

18th January 2011|Lenny Henry|Jon Canter

Music has always been a huge part of Lenny’s life and it was impersonating Stevie Wonder that first catapulted him into the entertainment industry in 1975. Lenny won the New Faces talent show at 16 years old and has been a comedian ever since. An accomplished comedian, actor, writer, TV presenter and fund-raiser, Lenny still cites his first love as music. Cradle To Rave which Lenny co-wrote with Jon Canter, will take audiences on a voyage through the decades exploring the exact role music has played in his life and continues to play. It is a touching journey but, in true Lenny style there are plenty of laughs and lots of funky tunes. The show is a departure from Lenny’s last critically acclaimed performance playing Othello in Northern Broadsides award winning Shakespeare production.To purchase tickets please click on the following link: [http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/artist/930937/?camefrom=CFC_UK_GOOGLEUK_LENNYHENRY&s_kwcid=TC|13263|lenny henry cradle to rave||S|p|5820697731]