New series of Phoneshop will air on 10th November

10th November 2011|Steve Brody

Following the huge success of the first series, Phoneshop will be returning to our screens this Thursday 10th November with a brand new series. The first episode is due to air at 10pm on E4 and will feature the brilliant Steve Brody. "On the mean, cut-throat UK high street, the priority is to 'shift units, make money, smash targets...' and no one knows that better than the staff of PhoneShop. But with top salesman Little Gary Patel back in jail, the staff's position as 'Kings of the High Street' may be in jeopardy for the first time.Manager Lance has a secret weapon in the form of new recruit and graduate Christopher. But Lance’s young protégée looks more damp squib than battle-ready expert. It’s up to Ashley, Jerwayne and Janine - the elite Sales Professionals – to knock this eager-to-please, bag of nerves into shape.Together it’s their job to make sure that every mug punter within five square miles gets locked down to the tightest and most expensive mobile phone contract known to mankind."