Nina Conti Live on Tour with 'The Dating Show'

19th November 2021|Nina Conti

Nina Conti Live on Tour with 'The Dating Show'Nina Conti Live on Tour with 'The Dating Show'

Following a 4 year absence, Nina Conti embarks on a UK tour with her new show, The Dating Show, opening at Bristol Old Vic on 31 October 2021.

‘Put simply, Nina Conti is a genius’ * * * * * Daily Mirror

British Comedy Award winner Nina is pioneering a new dating show. She’ll be like Cilla Black with masks. Derailed. Not so much a Blind Date as a re-voiced one. There is no promise that true love will be found but a firm guarantee that big laughs will be had in the reign of this quick-thinking queen of ventriloquism.

Nina says: “I can only dream of a land where a theatre is at full capacity and everyone is vaccinated and safe and laughing. Apparently, we are on track for this in November so I’ve agreed to book a tour.

Before this Armageddon hit I was developing a dating show where I would connive for audience members to fall in love wearing masks. Post-COVID, I can’t think of anything more fitting. I think we all need to get in a room together and laugh our heads off, and if the subject can be love, so much the better”.