Noel Fielding's First Look at Damien Hirst's Exhibition

2nd April 2012|Noel Fielding

On the eve of his first major retrospective in the UK, Damien Hirst takes surrealist comedian and fellow artistic maverick Noel Fielding on an exclusive walk through his show at Tate Modern, providing a behind-the-scenes look at this landmark exhibition and a body of work spanning more than two decades. They chat about Hirst's career highs and lows, which, together with high-profile interviews and archive footage, gives unprecedented access to the artist and his art. The exhibition brings together over 70 of Hirst's seminal works, including his groundbreaking sculptures from the early 1990s and pieces from the painting series - spots, spins, butterflies and flies - produced throughout his career. The film combines Damien and Noel's walk through the exhibition with behind-the-scenes footage showing the process of installing the exhibition, from wrangling butterflies to immersing a shark in formaldehyde. Damien Hirst - The First Look airs tonight at 8pm on Channel 4[]