Stuart Maconie's new book hits the shelves

5th October 2015|Stuart Maconie

We are pleased to announce that Stuart Maconie's new book, 'The Pie at Night: In Search of the North at. Play' is now available to buy.  Stuart takes a look at the North of England and it's reputation for working and playing hard. This is his eighth book and could be seen as a great companion to his bestselling, 'Pies and Prejudice'.

"Factory, mine and mill. Industry, toil and grime. Its manufacturing roots mean we still see the North of England as a hardworking place. But, more than possibly anywhere else, the North has always known how to get dressed up, take itself out on the town and have a good time. After all, working and playing hard is its specialty."

Stuart's journey comparing the old and new North takes him to lake district fells, Manchester's curry mile and everywhere inbetween! His humourous and perceptive expedition takes us to popular haunts as well as forgotten treasures and quirky nooks and crannies. He has managed to create a superb guide to the north and it's love of having a good time.