Submarine wins the Jury Grand Prix Award at the Giffoni Festival

7th November 2011|Richard Ayoade

Richard Ayoade's Submarine has won an award at the Giffoni Festival. Giffoni is a childrens and young people's film festival. Submarine won the over 16 Jury Prize for the following reasons:“The greatness of a director doesn’t lie in telling a great story, but in making a simple story great. Submarine is a perfect example. Through the periscope of an ideal submarine, Oliver observes and analyses reality around him bringing the spectator in the silent flow of his thoughts. His eyes can see the world through chromatic suggestion which portrays the existential game of the roles giving each character and emotion its distinctive colour. The narrative tool is a high-level technical, experimental framework which tries to revisit the past film industry ploy. The quality jury is proud to award the Jury Grand Prix to Richard Ayoade submarine exploration”For more information about the festival and the awards follow the link below: