Tiff Stevenson's performance of "Mother!" at the Fringe

29th August 2019|Tiff Stevenson

Tiff Stevenson's show "Mother!" is a refreshing collection of her own life experiences and observations. Tiff puts a feminist spin on her experiences, discussing topics such as abortion, motherhood and pregnancy, but is keen to point out that she is not a "man-hater" and pays homage to the important men in her life such as her long-term boyfriend and her 12 year old step-son whom she considers family, despite not being biologically related. She recalls one incident whereby she witnessed a pregnant lady ordering a coffee in Starbucks and the Starbucks employee questioned her several times fairly aggressively about whether or not she should be drinking coffee for the baby's health; Tiff uses this anecdote to highlight the condescending attitude often used towards pregnant women in society which was poignant for several members of the audience. Tiff also expresses her distaste for the royal family and generally her dislike and lack of respect for inherited wealth as well as "posh" people, whom she believes have had an easier time gaining opportunities, which she emphasises through her comedic impersonation of Ben Fogle whom she appeared on the radio with, as well as a hilarious impersonation of Joanna Lumley. Perhaps the highlight of Tiff's show is her moving celebration of women as all kinds of mother figures, not just as biological mothers. She emphasises strongly that many amazing women are mother figures in the form of step-mothers, mentors, teachers, councillors and in many more ways than just the traditional and most obvious way, which was inspiring and moved several members of the audience to tears. Overall, Tiff's show is not just a celebration of women but a brilliantly executed commentary on society, enhanced by her witty observations and laugh-out-loud anecdotes which makes for a thoroughly entertaining show!

Tiff’s show has been praised by many publications such as Jodie McVicar from Broadway Baby who states: “Stevenson’s material oozes with humour, each well-formed skit rendering us crippled with righteous indignation and laughter.” Furthermore, Kate Stone from Funny Women commends Tiff and says: “This is a beautifully written, hilarious show that I absolutely loved and will be recommending to everyone.”  In addition, James Macfarlane from Scotsgay claims that “Tiff Stevenson is one of the most important voices in comedy today.”