Tim FitzHigham: Gambler

2nd April 2012|Tim FitzHigham

Tim FitzHigham is comedy's Red Queen, a maestro of impossible undertakings. He has rowed a bath tub across the English Channel, sailed in a paper boat up the Thames and run up Mount Vesuvius in less than 20 minutes, all ostensibly as grist for comedy shows.Every story he tells includes the sentence: 'So I thought I'd have a crack at it.' He's had a crack at going up the Amazon in a hollow log and at farming nutmeg in the Caribbean.'I like the idea of people who dream, who take on, you know, the impossible,' says FitzHigham. 'If you try the impossible, sometimes it works - and that's really exciting, because you never know.'Without his projects, FitzHigham thinks he really would go mad. He was just lucky that when he returned from his spell helping run the nutmeg farm that a mate suggested they have a crack at writing a sketch show.They took it to Edinburgh and were nominated as best newcomers. That was in 1999. 'I'm not very good in offices,' he says. 'I really don't get on with them. So I just thought, well, I'll do the jokes for a bit and see how that pans out. And now here we are.'"Tim FitzHigham: Gambler is at the Victoria Hotel from Tue-Sat at 8.30pm and on Sun at 7.30pm until April 22.''Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/comedy/gambling-on-the-impossible-dream-20120401-1w6d9.html#ixzz1qsbcIk5v