Tim FitzHigham's Flanders & Swann have another successful year at the Fringe

18th August 2009|Tim FitzHigham

"5 stars from Whats On Stage""Flanders and Swann: A Brand Gnew Afternoon shines out like a good deed in the naughty world that is the Edinburgh Festival."http://www.whatsonstage.com/blogs/edinburgh2009/?p=1014 4 Stars from Fringe GuruTim's 'Flanders' had a definite stage presence and comedic delivery, single handedly carrying the spoken interludes between each song. Vocally, he was also equally strong...I may have enjoyed Tim's 'Flanders' more than the actual Flanders![http://www.fringeguru.com/editorial/reviews-09/flanders-and-swann-a-brand-gnew-aftergnoon.html]The Groggy SquirrelA delight of a show featuring the songs of the duo Flanders and Swann[http://www.thegroggysquirrel.com/articles/2009/08/09/2009-edinburgh-fringe-reviews/flanders-and-swann-a-brand-gnew-aftergnoon/ ]