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Chris Shepherd Scoops Three More Awards

21st November 2017

High praise received for Tim FitzHigham's BBC Norfolk New Comedy Show

9th November 2017

'Sick Note' written by Nat Saunders starts on Sky One - tonight!

7th November 2017

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'Regular' written, directed and composed by will be on on the 23rd of Nov at 12.05am as par… https://t.co/nv4vFsgojD 21st November

Feel like making some last minute plans for tonight? Get down to to see our fab 's h… https://t.co/CdWP00MdPH 21st November

'Barry Humphries On The Music That Hitler Banned' is on tonight at 9pm on - do tune in to watch… https://t.co/hmtcTA4NLy 21st November

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