Stuart Maconie: 'Hope & Glory'. Out Now!

9th June 2011|Stuart Maconie

Stuart Maconie's fantastic new book, 'Hope & Glory: The Days That Made Britain', is in the shops now.From the death of Victoria to the demise of New Labour, Stuart Maconie takes a single event from each decade of the 20th century that offers up a defining moment in our history. He visits the places where these events happened and goes in search of their legacy today. ‘Hope and Glory is a people’s history. I’m not interested in Kings and Queens and battles and dates and accessions, although those are important. This is the history of ordinary people, like me and you. It is also very personal, I go to places that interest me and tell the story very much through my own eyes. It’s about football and strikes and food and music and politics and television and celebrity. It’s about how recent history continues to affect the lives we lead in Britain today.’ Stuart MaconieFrom the death of a queen, to a ship coming into land, an epic football match or a pop concert – each event in turn has shaped our national culture and spirit to make us who we are. Some were glorious days, some tragic, even shameful, but each has played its part – from sport to music, politics to war, industrial relations to exploration – in making modern Britain. ‘He’ll be on the National Treasure list pretty soon’ - The Times ‘Completely beguiling’ - Mail on Sunday‘Wonderfully enriching… Britain’s best loved travel writer’ - News of the World'Stuart Maconie is the best thing to come out of Wigan since the A58 to Bolton' - Peter Kay‘Funnier than Bill Bryson' - Metro'Effortlessly articulate' - The Times‘Lyrical, passionate, humorous and argumentative tour de force…’ Big Issue