Watson & Oliver Series 2 Starts Tonight!

25th April 2013|Lorna Watson

Lorna and Ingrid (otherwise known as Watson and Oliver) are back with a brand new series. Oh yes. More characters, very funny antics, a whole six episodes to enjoy them in.In their own words:"It's a fast paced, fresh and funny show full of brand new characters including mercilessly honest Essex girls. A prime minister and her put-upon husband. The heartbreaking tale of a matador and his favourite bull. Not forgetting Angela Merkel. We've even managed to harness the genius of "Official National Treasure" Clare Balding. So if that won’t make you watch it then we don't know what will. Series two also sees the return if some of our favourite characters from series one. So it's got a hint of the familiar mixed in with a big old bunch of exciting new characters and scenarios which we feel reflects how the show has evolved since series one aired."Watson and Oliver starts tonight at 10pm on BBC2.[http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00xt9vc]"Their mix of slapstick silliness and biting comic observation have made Lorna Watson and Ingrid Oliver a very welcome addition to the TV comedy roster. " - Gerard O'Donovan, The Daily Telegraph"They are both very talented comic actresses as well as comedians." - The Guardian"Comedy duo Lorna Watson and Ingrid Oliver are back for a very welcome second series of their sketch show...showing off their splendid comedic character acting skills" - Heat Magazine "Does the BBC have another MIRANDA_sized hit on it's hands?" - TV Choice