Daisy Skepelhorn

Daisy graduated from the University of Reading after spending three years in a darkened room watching films. After finishing her film and theatre degree Daisy went on to work in film production. After slogging away and occasionally being paid in cheese sandwiches she was finally promoted to production coordinator and worked with Whatever Pictures on their first Sundance entry 'Social Suicide.' Daisy continued her career in production, working at the London 2012 Olympics, and was lucky enough to be part of the team that captured 'Super Saturday' along with the other stadium events including the opening and closing ceremonies.

In 2014 Daisy joined the PBJ team. Initially Daisy assisted the infamous Mason Sisters on their incredibly unique list after the Mason's left the agency, Daisy went to gain valuable experience at an acting agency before coming back with all her new found knowledge (and her tail between her legs) to assist Chiggy on her Award winning list of clients. Daisy is incredibly proud to assist Chiggy with some of the finest comedic talents in the industry, and is beginning to build a list of her own.